Alarm Code Pads

Most Alarm Code Pads operate using buttons within numeric codes to arm and disarm the alarm system.

There are different types of code pads available from Hardwired Code Pads, Wireless Code Pads, and even Voice Activated Code Pads.More information on Alarm Code Pads

Alarm Control Panels

The Alarm Control Panel is the Brains to your Alarm System which is connected to your all your operating parts like sensors, control code pads and the alarm siren.

More information in Alarm Control Panels

Siren and Strobe Kits

External Sirens and Strobes work to scare burglars and to alert neighbours that there is abnormal activity within your home.
They also work as a guide for security and police patrol cars in quickly identifying your property.

More information on Siren and Strobe Kits

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors will detect movement within a property to activate the alarm system of unusual activity.
To properly secure your property you need to consider installing more than just two or three motion sensors (depending on the size of your property).

More information on Motion Sensors

Alarm Remotes

An Alarm Remote is the ultimate convenience and provides you quick and easy access to arm and disarm your home security alarm system all from a hand held remote.

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Security Alarm Batteries

It is recommended that you get your Alarm Battery checked each year to ensure it is in good working order and that it wonai??i??t let you down when you need it most.

More information on Security Alarm Batteries

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems offers a simple method of arming and disarming Security Alarm System as well entry access to doors and gate systems by simply swiping a card or token.

More information on Access Control Systems

Reed Switches (Door & Window Sensors)

Reed Switches are placed on doors and windows to activate the alarm if either have movement.
The sensor is placed on the frame of the door or window while a magnet is placed on the door or window itself.

More information on Reed Switches

Internal Sirens

Internal Siren are designed to scare burglars off by sounding off a high pitched sound within the home once the alarm has been activated.

More information on Internal Sirens

Smoke Detectors

For added peace of mind you can have your Smoke Detectors connected to your Alarm System which activates the alarm in emergency situations.

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