Motion Sensors for Home and Business Security Alarms

Motion Sensors will detect movement within a property to activate the alarm system of unusual activity.
To properly secure your property you need to consider installing more than just two or three motion sensors (depending on the size of your property).

There are different types of Motion Sensors available all with different functions.

Some Motion Sensors will allow small animals like a dog or cat to be within the property whilst the Security Alarm is armed whilst others wont.

It is important to thoroughly think through the placement of your Motion Sensors as you do not want to leave parts of you property unsecure.

There are Hardwired Motion Sensors and Wireless Motion Sensors available.

Things to consider:

  • Should you go for Hardwired or Wireless Motion Sensors
  • Placement of the Motion Sensors
  • Number of Motion Sensors
  • Pets  Do you leave any of your pets inside your property while the alarm is armed

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