Code Pads for Home and Business Security Alarms

Most Alarm Code Pads operate using buttons within numeric codes to arm and disarm the alarm system.

There are different types of code pads available from Hardwired Code Pads, Wireless Code Pads, and even Voice Activated Code Pads.

Placement of an Alarm Code Pad should be well thought out as you will have up to 30 seconds to disarm your alarm after you have entered the property. The most common place for a Code Pad is within the entrance of the main door. For larger properties or dual entrance points it is recommended that you install multiple Code Pads.

Things to consider:

  • What are the most common entrance/exits points to the property
  • How do I currently enter the property
  • Height of the Code Pad
  • Do I need more than one Code Pad
  • What type of Code Pad do I need Traditional or Voice Activated / Hardwired or Wireless

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