Security Cameras and Alarm Solutions for Dandenong Businesses, Factories and Homes

BlueCorp Security is Dandenongs leading security company with over 20 years of supplying and installing security solutions including CCTV, Security Cameras, Alarms, Access Control and 24/7 Alarm Monitoring to Dandenong businesses, factories and homes.
Our services include security system installation, security maintenance and sales.

We provide security solutions for:
* Commercial premises
* Businesses (i.e. cafes, retail outlets)
* Factories
* Industrial sites
* Childcare centres/ Schools
* Residential properties
* Real Estate Agents
* Swim Centres
* Service Stations
* Construction Sites
* Supermarkets
* New Homes


CCTV/ Security Cameras

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) allows you to keep a close eye on your home valuables and business from anywhere in the world with the use of a smartphone technologies such as iPhone or Android. We can set up your CCTV security cameras for your Dandenong home and business to your devices allowing you to check up on demand.

Our security camera systems will:
* Work in both day and night environments
* Be paired up to your smartphone
* Have the ability to be backed up to a USB stick
* Are easy to use and come with training
* Have the ability to watch live and historic recordings
* The ability to display the security cameras on a monitor
* Are weather proof, high definition for both indoors and outdoors

Security Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems can help deter burglaries and theft securing your Dandenong home and business.
Our licensed experts use the very best and latest technology ensuring you get long jeopardy and use out of your home security alarm system ensuring it wont let you down when you need it most. We can provide both hardwired and wireless security alarm solutions with remote activation.

24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring

In Victoria a home is broken into every 15 minutes. A back to base security alarm monitoring system will provide peace of mind that your alarm system wont let you down when you need it most. Upon activation an alert is sent to the licensed control room in real-time which will set off a sequence of events such as sending a security officer out the property, notifying the property owner and if required notifying emergency services.

Our Commercial Security Products:

When looking for quality CCTV, Melbourne business owners turn to BlueCorp Security. Our commercial security systems enable you to offer maximum safety for your employees, customers, property and assets. To receive a FREE quote, call us today on 1300 133 654.